Standalone Event Stream Processing Engine now available

The third generation event stream processing engine is here, and it can now be embedded in any application.

This engine is purpose built for turning raw event streams, emitted by devices, sensors, infrastructure, and applications into real-time insights.

Use it for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, such as real-time remote management and monitoring, or getting insights from applications on mobile phones, application logs, social media and much more.


From a technical perspective it combines the raw power of the disruptor (a design pattern coming from the world of high speed financial trading) with the filtering and transforming capabilities of Reactive Extensions in order to process messages at high volumes from any Azure Service Bus entity.

You can find a tutorial that allows you to get started with this runtime at the new docs website, there is also a sample application available on github.

Feel free to give it a spin and if you want to use it in production drop me a mail at