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Everything you need to quickly build, run and monetize message processing logic.


Buy or sell message processing logic from our curated marketplace. All components go through quality review while you keep control over licensing and pricing.

Easy to use tools

Our platform offers all the tools to develop, design, build and test your message processing logic. Including a full continuous integration pipeline.

IoT ready runtime

With support for massive amounts of messages, multiple protocols and individually securable endpoints, our infrastructura is ready to connect to IoT to your business.

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What is messaging anyway?

Patterns of real time data exchange between software components.

Messaging is just a fancy word for the patterns of real time data exchange between software components. It forms the logical backbone of all digital communication. Many of today's innovations, from business process automation over smartphones to the internet of things, are all manifestations of the same thing: distributed software architectures based on messaging.


By connecting all these pieces of soft and hardware together; By interpretting, and acting upon, the messages that they exchange in real-time; We can collectively create a whole new range of values for society, our personal lives as well as for your business.

It is our goal to combine the power of co-creation, with the global reach of the cloud, so that more people and small companies can leverage the benefits of messaging and all the innovations that derive from it.

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