The only platform for co-creation of message processing logic.

The pillars of our platform.

Top notch infrastructure, content and community.

Top notch infrastructure

We have selected for you the best messaging infrastructure and frameworks available in the Microsoft ecosystem, and put it all together into an easy to use and extremely scalable and secure system.

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High quality content

Whether you are looking to build your own solution, or want to rent components from others, we'll make sure that you get high quality learning material, frameworks and implementations.

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Expert community

System integration, by it's nature, involves collaboration between multiple parties. So we feel it's only natural to organise ourselves in a collaborative way as well. Challenge each other, share ideas and contribute.

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But what is messaging?

Patterns of real time data exchange between software components.

Messaging is a simple word for all the complex patterns of real time data exchange between software components. Messaging forms the logical backbone of all digital communication, between humans and between machines.

Many of today's innovations, from business process automation over smartphones to the internet of things, are all manifestations of the same thing: distributed software architectures based on messaging patterns.


By connecting all these pieces of software together; By interpreting, and acting upon, the messages that they exchange in real-time; We can collectively create a whole new range of values for society, our personal lives as well as for your business.

It is our goal to combine the power of co-creation, with the global reach of the cloud and messaging patterns, so that more people and companies can leverage the benefits and innovations that derive from it.

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