Automate Your Business

Assist your human workforce with virtual workers to automate the repetitive parts of their business processes, so that your people can focus on what matters most.

In the store you can find handlers for

Business Process Coordination

These coordinators ensure that a business process completes timely by coordinating all the activities to be performed by other handlers or humans.

Command Execution

Takes care of a single step in a business process by responding to commands coming from a business process coordinator or from a human.

Status Reporting

From projecting the business process status into a database to phone notifications in case of an emergency, these handlers will let you know what is going on.

Reach Into the Physical World

Handlers can monitor and control the physical world through the Internet of Things. Our platform provides everything needed to integrate in a secure and reliable way.

Platform Capabilities

Always On

Handlers work around the clock and don't need time off. Our fabric ensures that they stay healthy and will move them to a new location in the hosting environment whenever any of the underlying resources fail.

High Volume Processing

Whether your handlers need to process a single command per hour or thousands of telemetry events every second, our runtime can handle it, in real time.

Secure Endpoints

Our gateway provides secure connection points to which devices can send to or receive messages from. No need to open any inbound port on the device, supports multiple protocols.

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