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InMemoryPump Class



Package: MessageHandler.Runtime.AtomicProcessing.Receiving.InMemory
Assembly: MessageHandler.Runtime.AtomicProcessing.Receiving.InMemory
Namespace: MessageHandler.Runtime.AtomicProcessing

A message pump to pump messages from memory


Property Description
PumpSettings Gets or sets the settings of the pump


Method Description
OnMessage(Func<MessageContext,Task>) Callback to call whenever a new message arrives.
OnError(Func<RecoveryContext,Task>) Callback to call whenever a new message fails to process.
OnCompletion(Func) Callback to call whenever a message gets completed after processing.
Receive(string, Dictionary<string,string>) Receive a message
Start(CancellationToken) Starts the pump, until cancellation is requested.
Stop() Stop the pump.

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