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MessageHandler.EventSourcing Package



Package: MessageHandler.EventSourcing

Classes in this package

Class Description
Eventsourcing Extension methods which add eventsourcing to messagehandler configuration.
EventsourcingConfiguration The eventsourcing configuration
StreamConfiguration Configuration methods to set up a stream
TransientChanneling Configuration methods for the runtime to stream events from aggregates into a transient channel
InMemoryEventSource An in memory event source
Checkpoint A checkpoint representing how far the outbox of an event stream has progressed
RawSourcedEvent An unserialized sourced event.
EventSourced Base class for event sourced entities that implements MessageHandler.EventSourcing.DomainModel.IEventSourced.
Merged An event to indicate multiple branches of the event stream are merged together.

Interfaces in this package

Interface Description
IEventSource Interface implemented by event sources
IOutboxCheckpointStore An interface implemented by outbox checkpoint stores
IRestoreProjections Interface implemented by classes that restore projections.
IInvokeProjections Interface implemented by class that invoke projections
IProjection<TProjected,TEvent> A projection used to transfer data from an event into a model.
IApply Interface to be implemented by classes that apply events to update their innerstate
IChannel Interface implemented by classes that send events through a transient channel
IEventSourced Represents an identifiable entity that is event sourced.
IEventSourcedRepository Interface implemented by classes that load eventsourced aggregates from an event source

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